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Address: Ritsumeikan University, Kusatsu, Shiga 525-8577, Japan
Email: xu at Phone and Fax: (+81) 77-561-2873
You can also call my secretary Ms. Kometani at (+81) 77-561-2873, or email kometani at


Professor, Department of Media Technology
Director, 3D Vision Laboratory
Founder and CEO, 3D MEDiA Co., Ltd.


1982, B.E. degree in radio engineering, Nanjing Inst. of Tech. (now Southeast Univ)
1986, M.S. degree in Control Engineering, Osaka University
1989, Ph.D degree in Computer Vision, Osaka University
1989-1990, Visiting researcher at ATR
1990-1996, Assistant professor at the Dept of Control Eng., Osaka University
1994, Visiting scholar at the Robotics Lab, Harvard University
1995-1997, Chairman of Japan-China Hope Education Fund
1996-, Associate professor, CS Dept, Ritsumeikan University
1998-1999, President of Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering in Japan
1999-2000, Visiting researcher at Microsoft Research China
2000, Visiting researcher at Motorola Australian Research Centre
2000- CEO, 3D MEDiA, Co. Ltd.
2001- Professor, CS Department, Ritsumeikan University
2004- Professor, Department of Media Technology, Ritsumeikan University


*Epipolar Geometry in Stereo, Motion and Object Recognition: A Unified Approach  (Gang Xu and Zhengyou Zhang, Award-winning) Kluwer Academic Publishers, September 1996, ISBN 0-7923-4199-6.
*Three-Dimensional Vision (textbook in Japanese by Gang Xu and Saburo Tsuji), Kyoritsu Shuppan, April 1998, ISBN 4-320-08522-1. Korean translation published by Daeyoungsa in March 2000.
*3D CG from Photographs (in Japanese by Gang ), Kindai Kagaku Sha, Jan. 2001, ISBN 4-7649-0286-9. Chinese translation published by Wuhan University Pres in 2006